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Magnetic Tapes with Indoor Adhesive

Magnetic Tapes with Indoor Adhesive

3.4 mil double coated polyester tape  with an aggressive rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to the magnet and supplied
on a semi-bleached kraft liner. Indoor adhesive was designed for general purpose bonding applications to foams, felts, cloths,
primed wood, paper, metal, plastics and most low or un-plasticized substrates. It has an excellent balance of economy versus performance.   Available in 1/32" or 1/16" thick.  Sizes listed sold by the roll,  please contact us at  for quotes on wider widths. 

These magnetic tapes are comprised of a MULTIPOLE ONE FACE FLEXIBLE MAGNET (composite of strontium and/or barium ferrite
particles oriented with a thermoplastic polymer matrix). These permanent magnets remain magnetized indefinitely if not subjected
to a demagnetizing force.

*Non Stock item,  5-7 day lead time

Magnetic Tape orders are NON-RETURNABLE (suggest sampling for approval). Maximum width: 3”.

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The polyester carrier provides dimensional stability and superior die cutting properties. Quick Tack: 12.5 lbs/in. Peel Adhesion:

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