Masking Tape

General Purpose Masking Tape is used for bundling, labeling, non-critical masking where higher adhesion level is needed. They have excellent quick stick and flexibility.

Industrial Grade Masking Tape is designed for industrial, commercial, and residential paint markets for use on wood, plaster, drywall, plastics, metal, glass, and rubber. Offers good resistance to solvents and moderate heat (not over 150 degrees F). The tapes in this line have good hold but will remove cleanly. The blue masking tape or painters tape is made to hold up to outdoor UV exposure for up to 14 days without residue upon removal. It will work for indoor painting, but you are paying for the outdoor resistance.

High Temperature Masking Tape can withstand temperatures from 180 to 325 degrees F. Different products in the line have their own range. They are ideal for the transportation industry and strip cleanly after baking or extended applications.

Colored Masking Tape or Specialty Masking Tape can be used in a variety of applications for general use, such as, art projects, color coding, marking, inspection, bag sealing, and other lightweight packaging needs.

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