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Copper Foil Tape CFL-5A, CFL-5CA

Copper Foil Tape CFL-5A, CFL-5CA

This Copper Foil Tape is designed with both conductive and non-conductive adhesive, providing a dependable and low resistance connection between surfaces. This versatile tape is the perfect solution for creating ground connections, masking off areas of a circuit board, and controlling RF and EMI shielding.
Typical Applications...
CFL-5A - EMI/RFI shielding of small electromagnetic components
(i.e. transformer/reactor coils) and cable splices; repairing,
modifying & prototype designing wiring boards, supplementary
shielding of joints/seams; flat conductor assemblies.
CFL-5CA - Cable wrapping to provide EMI/RFI shielding,
seaming of EMI/RFI shielded rooms for electrical continuity,
static charge draining, surface contact to non-solderable
materials (e.g. aluminum or plastics).

Non-Stock item,  sold by the roll.  5-7 day lead time

*Non conductive alternative to #3m #3325, Permacel # P-389, Ventrure #1650,  Saint-Gobain #C661.  Conductive Alternative to #3M #3313, Permacel # P-391, Venture#1697,  Saint-Gobain # C665
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Physical Properties... CFL-5A CFL-5CA
Adhesive Acrylic Conductive Acrylic
Backing 1.4 mil Copper Foil 1.4 mil Copper Foil
Tape Thickness (w/o liner) 3.0 mil 3.0 mil
Peel Adhesion 180° SST 50 oz/in 46 oz/in
Tensile Strength 37 lbs/in 37 lbs/in
Elongation 6% 6%
Temperature Range -40°F to 248°F -40°F to 248°F
Temp Resistance (short term) up to 356°F up to 356°F

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