Here are a few pointers when choosing the right adhesive for your box sealing needs:

Acrylic Adhesive - Great for cold environments or storage. Acrylic adhesive has a more flexible temperature range of -20 degrees F to +120 degrees F. If you desire a more clear appearance with non-yellowing features, acrylic adhesive would be for you. This can be especially important for food and other perishable items, white boxes, and labels. Lowest cost of all the options, in most cases.

Hot Melt Rubber Adhesive: This is the most popular type of adhesive due to the high, quick tack. If you desire a reliable and good adhesion tape, hot melt is probably best for you.

Natural Rubber Adhesive: Natural rubber is especially great for dusty environments or boxes that have some recycled content. It is a very aggressive adhesive and can get past small amounts of dust or particles and still stick well. It also works pretty well in cold temperatures. Due to the natural color of rubber (amber), the tape does appear dark and does yellow. Don't recommend for white boxes.

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